Dynamic Pricing

Get Rid of Sales Hurdle on NFT

We understand that creators prefer to focus on creation. Although there are unavoidable sales and promotional works such as building relationships with readers, sales efforts should be minimized as much as possible.

Writing NFTs help creators deal with two important sales parameters automatically: 1) marked price, and 2) quantity.

The marked price of each Writing NFT will be adjusted automatically according to demand and supply, bounded by a predefined curve. Each new price point is double the previous one. The pricing scheme seems simple to readers as well since there is only one marked price at any time. The marked price will be set to the lowest price in the secondary market if there is any.

There is no upper limit to the quantity of Writing NFTs. Whenever someone collects an NFT at the marked price, a new NFT instance will be minted. As the marked price increases automatically with the minted quantity, the circulation limit will be set by the market when the marked price reaches an unacceptable value in some sense.

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