Like - Reinventing the Like

How does the "Reinventing the Like" Decentralized Rewards work?

Any website embedded with a LikeCoin button can convert "Likes" into rewards, allowing each clap to support content creators and transform likes into actual income.

Users who have registered a Liker ID can use the Liker Land app to browse articles and easily clap or "Like" to support the creators. When a LikeCoin button is present in an article, Likers can clap it 1-5 times to indicate their level of appreciation. Each clap represents a vote for the content, contributing to the creator's share of the daily Creators Fund allocation.

Civic Likers, in particular, have a significant impact on the distribution of the daily Creators Fund through their claps. By being a Civic Liker, users can use the special feature called "Super Like". Clicking the LikeCoin button for the 6th time allows them to share their favorite and noteworthy content to

Moreover, creators can track their weekly and daily rewards received from each article. They will also receive monthly reports from the Liker Land team, providing insights into their achievements.

Readers also have the option to send LikeCoin directly to the creators using LIKE pay.

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