Setup local test node

  1. Clone the likecoin-chain git repository at the fotan-1 branch

git clone \
--branch fotan-1 --single-branch \
likecoin-chain && cd likecoin-chain

2. (optional) Build the chain Docker image


3. Setup the needed files and folders

cp docker-compose.template.yml docker-compose.yml
cp .env.template .env
mkdir -p .liked

4. Add a key for local use, please record the mnemonic shown

export YOUR_KEY_NAME=<type your key name here>
export CHAIN_ID=<type your chain ID here>
docker-compose run --rm liked-command \
keys add $YOUR_KEY_NAME

5. Init the testnet

docker-compose run --rm liked-command \
init testnet --chain-id $CHAIN_ID

5. Set all denom in genesis.json to nanolike

docker-compose run --rm liked-service \
sed -i 's/"stake"/"nanolike"/g' /likechain/.liked/config/genesis.json

6. Init the testnet accounts

docker-compose run --rm liked-command \
add-genesis-account $YOUR_KEY_NAME 1000000000000000000nanolike
docker-compose run --rm liked-command
gentx $YOUR_KEY_NAME 1000000000000000000nanolike --chain-id $CHAIN_ID
docker-compose run --rm liked-command \

7. Modify docker-compose.yml and ./.liked/config/app.toml if you need lcd / grpc services

- 1317:1317
- 9090:9090
- 26656:26656
# app.toml
# Enable defines if the API server should be enabled.
enable = true

8. Start running the node

docker-compose up -d
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