Cosmostation + Deposit, send, delegate, governance

Cosmostation + is essential for managing LikeCoin

Users can manage LikeCoin together with and Cosmostation Browser Extension to deposit, send and delegate LikeCoin; as well as provide provide proposal deposit, vote and view transaction details.

Connect Cosmostation with

Step 1

Go to and click "Cosmostation Browser Extension".

Step 2

Click "Confirm" on Cosmostation.

Step 3

You can see your LikeCoin balance.

Deposit your LikeCoin via to Cosmostation

Click on the wallet address in the top left corner of to copy it and paste to somewhere else (A crypto exchange or another wallet).

To send LikeCoin to another wallet using + Cosmostation


On the Portfolio Page click "Send".

Step 2

On the Send page, fill in the wallet address of the receiver under "Send To", the amount of LikeCoin that needs to be sent under "Amount", and reserve some LIKE for the transaction fee. In the "Memo" field, fill in the tag/memo that may be required by the receiver. Then click "Next".

Step 3

After confirming that the amount and transaction fee are correct, click "Next".

Step 4

Click "Send" and click "Sign" to confirm.

Step 5

After the message "Sent and confirming" appears, a "Successfully Sent" message will indicate that the LikeCoin has been sent successfully.

Using to:

Delegate on desktopProposal DepositVote on desktopBlock Explorer

Other wallet interface for managing LikeCoin with Cosmostation

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