About LikeCoin

And Republic of Liker Land

​LikeCoin is a decentralized protocol for content monetization, attribution, and distribution.

Empowered by LikeCoin, media form Republic of Liker Land, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed by liquid democracy. In Liker Land, every content is a registered asset on LikeCoin chain and every Like is a reward to creators in LikeCoin token.

As of Jan 2020, Republic of Liker Land has 1000+ Civic Likers, which is 2.5% of all 45,000+ Likers, who rewarded 24mil+ LikeCoin (USD150k) to 150,000+ contents by 4000+ creators on 700+ media.

Real-time statistics: Number of Liker​ ​Number of creator​ ​Number of content​ ​Number of LIKE given​​

​Republic of Liker Land open statistics (Since 2020).

Some media empowered by LikeCoin include Matters, Standnews, InMedia, HKCNews and other 700+ websites. LikeCoin can also be used on WordPress, Medium, Vocus, Blogspot ( Blogger.com ), Pixnet and other content platforms.

Creators and readers may use Liker Land as a convenient reader and gateway to interact with the decentralized ecosystem.

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