LikeCoin and Republic of Liker Land

What is LikeCoin? What is the Republic of Liker Land?

LikeCoin is a Decentralized Publishing Infrastructure for Decentralized Archive, Decentralized Rewards, Decentralized Curation and Decentralized Governance.

The core component of LikeCoin is LikeCoin chain, a public blockchain itailor-made for content publishing, supporting the Republic of Liker Land.

As of August 2020, Republic of Liker Land has 1,800+ Civic Likers, which is 2.4% of all 75,435+ Likers, who rewarded 35mil+ LikeCoin to 286,442+ contents by 10,928+ creators on 1,200+ media.

Real-time statistics: Number of Liker Number of creator Number of content Number of LIKE given

Republic of Liker Land open statistics (Since 2020).

Some media empowered by LikeCoin include Matters, Standnews, InMedia, HKCNews and other 1,200+ websites. LikeCoin can also be used on WordPress, Medium, Blogspot ( ), Pixnet, Vocus and other content platforms.

Besides reading on your favourite content platforms, you can also read creative stories and insightful commentaries from the Content Jockeys that you trusted via Liker Land mobile app, download it on Google Play Store or App Store.

More about LikeCoin:

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