Import wallet into Keplr Mobile

Import Recovery Phrase and create a Keplr Mobile wallet

Import wallet after installing the Keplr Mobile

Click "Import existing wallet" directly after installing the Keplr Mobile.

Three import options appear, they are "Import existing wallet", "Import from Keplr Extension" and "Sign in with Google".

Scenario 1: Import wallet by recovery phrase

Click "Import existing wallet".

Fill in your Wallet nickname, Password, Confirm Keplr Password and click "Next".

On Keplr Mobile click "Import from Keplr Extension" to link and sync your wallets using the Keplr Browser Extension.

Further instructions will appear and then click "Next" to open your phone camera.

Go to Keplr Browser Extension, click "Settings", "General" and then click "Link Keplr Mobile".

After entering the password, click "Confirm".

A QR Code appears, scan it with Keplr Mobile.

Fill in your Password, Confirm password, and click "Next".

Scenario 3: Recover the wallet created with Google

Click "Sign in with Google", and recover your wallet in the same way as creating a new wallet via Google One-Click Login.

No matter how you import your wallet, when you see the message "You're all set!", it means the installation is complete. Biometric authentication is enabled by default. You can choose not to use it as well. Click "Done" to complete the installation.

Import more than one wallet

On Keplr Mobile, click the gear icon in the lower right corner to enter Settings.

Click the + sign in the top right corner to import more wallets.

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