Community Delegation
Community Delegation from the Community Pool
The Community delegation program aimed to support newly onboard validators of some startup funds who wish to contribute to the LikeCoin chain governance.
We also support service providers like block explorer, wallet or other technical/business partners who wish to receive community delegation as a validator. Feel free to email [email protected] or reach our team on Discord.

Application Procedure

If a validator would like to apply for community delegation, please:
A. Post about yourself and why you want to participate in LikeCoin at or
Chinese Validator - Use the function “add tag” on to tag #Validator Intro in your article.
English Validator - You may post on or post on with the tag #Validator Intro and #LikeCoin
(Please search the tag for previous Validator Intro examples from your counterpart if you don’t know how to write yours.)
B. Provide your email address and Validator Operator Address.
C. Tell the community what your commission rate policy is.
D. Write an application post in the LikeCoin Discord channel #apply-for-delegation
You are encouraged to update your icon, website and intro on BigDipper, although it is not a mandatory requirement for applying community delegation. You are also welcomed to introduce yourself in the LikeCoin Community Call.
Please note validators' application for community fund cut off day is on the 15th 1200 GMT+8 of each month. The committee will then process the applications in batch and make a decision by the 21st 1200 GMT+8 of each month. Redelegation of community funds will take effect afterwards.

Review Criteria

The Community Delegation Committee will review and check (including but not limited to) if:
  1. 1.
    The validator node is always online.
  2. 2.
    The validator actively participates in Discord regarding the development of LikeCoin and has enough recognition from others.
  3. 3.
    The validator promotes the identity of LikeCoin on other media/websites and communicates with his/her delegators/stakeholders.
  4. 4.
    The validator commission rate policy obligates the minimum commission rate and does make sense or not.
  5. 5.
    The validator participates in proposal voting.
  6. 6.
    The validator do work on what they promised on the #Validator Intro
When the validator makes an honest effort to participate in community affairs, recognition will reveal itself. Validator gets at least 5 Aye from the committee will receive the community delegation or renewal.

Additional rules

If the validator who got the community delegation is offline for more than a week and not replying to the cue from community members, their delegation will be revoked immediately.

High Community Delegation Application

On/After the 3th month receiving their community delegations, validators can apply for "High Community Delegation”. It is designed for validators with exceptional performance and contributions to the LikeCoin chain.
The difference between "Basic Community Delegation" and "High Community Delegation" are:
  • Basic Community Delegation Ratio = 1
  • High Community Delegation Ratio = 1.5
For example: Validator Z received his Basic Community Delegation in November 2021, he can apply for High Community Delegation in January 2022.
If the validator's application for High Community Delegation does not pass, he/she will totally lose his/her Basic Community Delegation.
If the validator's application for High Community Delegation passes, he/she still has to renew his/her delegation again on the 6th month upon receiving the High Community Delegation.

Renewal Procedure

Validators who receive their community delegation will have to re-apply again on the 6th month upon receiving their delegation if they want to continue the status. Validators have to present a summary/report of what they have achieved in the past months. Failure to comply will result in withdrawing the delegation.
Example: The validators who received the 1st round of delegation in June may re-apply again in November before the 15th 1200 GMT. If the validator does not re-apply, the delegation will be withdrawn.
The current Community Delegation Committee members endorsed by proposal 20 are chairoikominer, Kcat, sixwood, Wright Fu, yasu, philipmak and Daisy.
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