What's the point of decentralization to the content ecosystem?

The advantages of ISCN

Decentralized Publishing has the following features so that the content will be perpetuated and distributed on the internet:

  • The data is stored in an open and immutable blockchain, modification of any kind will leave a record, everyone can check it on the block explorer Big Dipper.

  • The nodes constructing the blockchain are operated in a decentralized way. They are managed by different community members with different backgrounds and their nodes are distributed all over the world. Even if part of the nodes are forced to shut down, the chain will still operate and the content will not vanish.

  • The code of the infrastructure is open source, anyone can copy them and fork the project.

  • No censorship. Anyone can publish anything to the public network.

Storing content in a decentralized infrastructure is more sustainable than relying on centralized parties like companies, organizations or governments. The ISCN record can be maintained by at least one operating node.

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