Leap: Deposit and Send LikeCoin

Deposit and Send LikeCoin directly on Leap Browser Extension wallet

Deposit your LikeCoin to Leap

Step 1

Before depositing LikeCoin to your Leap wallet, please change the display on the top right hand corner and switch to the LikeCoin chain.

Step 2

Click on the wallet address to copy it and paste to somewhere else (A crypto exchange or another wallet). Or click "Receive" to show your QR Code.

Scan the QR Code and deposit LikeCoin to your Leap wallet with LIKE pay. Suggest to deposit a small sum to try out first.

Step 3

The LikeCoin balance will appear (same screen as Step 2) after the deposit is completed.

Send LikeCoin from Leap to another wallet

Step 1

You can send LikeCoin via Leap to other wallets that support LikeCoin. Change the display on the top right hand corner to show the LikeCoin chain and click "Send".

Step 2

On the Send to page, fill in the wallet address of the receiver.

Step 3

The recipient's wallet address appears, click it. Moreover, you can also save the wallet address by clicking "Save" into the address book.

Step 4

Enter the amount of LikeCoin that needs to be sent and reserve some LIKE for the transaction fee, then click "Review".

Step 5

On the confirmation screen, check the details again then click "Send".

Step 6

After the "Send" is completed, the transaction item will appear, click on it to view the transaction details and view more information on Big Dipper.

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