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How to install Leap Browser Extension

Install Leap On Chromium Based Browsers

Step 1: Install Leap

Go to the Leap website to learn about browser extensions and click "Install Leap for Cosmos".
Click "Install Leap for Cosmos
Go to the Chrome Web Store and click "Add to Chrome" to install the Leap Browser Extension.
On Chrome Web Store, click "Add to Chrome" to install Leap
Click "Add extension".
Click "Add extension" to add Leap to Chrome

Step 2: Create new account

After the installation, the browser will automatically jump to the registration page, click "Create new wallet".
Click "Create new wallet"
The screen shows your Secret Recovery Phrase. Find a secure place to encrypt and store the seed phrase as it is needed for account recovery. You can write it with pen and paper or use the Copy function to copy and paste it. Click "I have save it somewhere safe.".
Write down the Secret Recovery Phrase and click "I have save it somewhere safe."
Enter your password twice, then click "Proceed".
Enter your password twice, then click "Proceed"
Your Leap wallet is ready! appears, you can pin your Leap Wallet to the browser menu for easy access.
Your Leao wallet is ready!
Pin Leap in browser

For import existing wallet please refer to:

Please keep your Secret Recovery Phrase and password safe. If you lose them you are not able to manage your LikeCoin. No one can reset your wallet on your behalf.