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Buy and Sell LikeCoin with DigiFinex

Reminder: We suggest trying a small amount before making any large transactions.

DigiFinex is a top 20+ exchange on CoinMarketCap, and its trade and exchange volumes are at the highest level.. It provides LIKE/USDT trading pairs. If you do not have a DigiFinex account, please take a look at this. Moreover, you have to download the Keplr wallet or Liker Land app to send/receive LikeCoin. The following instructions are based on DigiFinex web, but you may also use the DigiFinex app to trade LikeCoin.

Step 1: Create your LikeCoin wallet on DigiFinex

First of all, you have to create your wallet address on DigiFinex to transfer LikeCoin to the exchange. Click on the top right-hand corner avatar icon and click "User Center", then click "My Balance." In the search box, input "Like," then click "Deposit."

This action brings you to the page "LikeCoin (LIKE) Deposit." Click "Generate deposit address". You can also check your "Deposit History" underneath.

The address that starts with cosmos is your DigiFinex LikeCoin wallet just created. Click on the "Show QR Code" so that you don't have to input the cosmos address manually. The Tag/Memo is very important because it is mandatory for DigiFinex.

o identify your deposit.

Click on the "Show QR Code" button to show your LikeCoin wallet QR Code.

DigiFinex has a minimum deposit amount of 100 LikeCoin. A single deposit which is less than the minimum will disappear! Please make sure that you deposit the correct amount.

Step 2: Transfer LikeCoin to DigiFinex

Open the Liker Land app, click on "My Wallet." Then, click on the [Send] button (circled in red below).

Go to the next page, click on the QR Code icon circled in red. The app will open the camera mode for you to scan the QR Code. Please scan the QR Code that you have on Step 1, as you have to transfer LikeCoin to DigiFinex.

Input the Tag/Memo number into the "Input memo (optional)" field (Very Important!).

Input the amount of LikeCoin that you want to transfer, then click [Confirm].

The next step is to wait for DigiFinex to confirm the transfer.

If you are using Keplr, please insert the memo in "Memo (Optional)" field. You can refer to Keplr: Deposit and Send LikeCoin.

DigiFinex requires you to input your "Tag/Memo" into the chain during deposit. If you do not fill in the "Tag/Memo," it will result in not being able to deposit into DigiFinex. They will have to find a technician to assist you, and it requires 7-21 days to fix it and a 10 USDT service fee. Your DigiFinex account needs to have such an amount of fee. Please contact DigiFinex Customer Service for handling.

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Step 3: Confirm the transfer to DigiFinex

You can check your wallet balance in "My Balance" following Step 1.

Step 4: Buy or Sell

On the top left corner of the DigiFinex website, there are "Market" and "Trade" on the menu.

Click "Market". In the search box, input "Like" to show the chart. (As LikeCoin has just entered the market, there is no line graph at the moment.)

Click "Trade". Input "Like" into the search box on the left. Click LIKE/USDT and go into the exchange panel.

Take a look at the order book on the right-hand side. The figures in red are orders from people who want to "Sell". For example, below there are people who want to sell 424.57 LikeCoin at the price of 0.007200 USDT/LIKE, and then some others want to sell 417.44 LikeCoin at 0.007300 USDT/LIKE. If you want to buy 500 LikeCoin, you can buy them all at 0.007300 USDT/LIKE.

If you want to sell your LikeCoin, you have to monitor the sellers in green. For example, below if you want to sell 100 LikeCoin, it is guaranteed to be sold at 0.006600 USDT/LIKE because the highest selling price is 0.006600 to buy 151.07 LikeCoin.

To make it simple, if you want to sell, check out the orders in green; if you want to buy, check out the orders in red. You can also take a look at the "Latest" transaction statistics.

Once you decide the price and amount to buy or sell, go to the "Spot" to confirm. Let's use "Limit Price" as an example.

You have to input three parameters:

  • Select the right action for "Buy LIKE" or "Sell LIKE".

  • Input "Price": using the order book above as an example, fill in 0.006600 for selling LikeCoin.

  • Input "Amount": Fill in 200 for selling 200 LikeCoin or adjust the percentage, e.g., 100%, 50%, etc.

The system will calculate the "Total". Confirm if it is correct or not, then click "Sell LIKE" to complete the transaction.

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Step 5: Check Transaction details

Go to the bottom of the screen and find "Trade History" to check out the transaction details. Your wallets will reflect new balances as well.

Step 6: Withdrawal

About the minimum withdrawal requirement and withdrawal fee, you can check out the【Contract List】- Fees . Please also note that you have to complete 2FA before withdrawal.

Going back to the "My Balance" page in Step 1, select USDT or LIKE and click "Withdrawal". Then, click "Add withdraw address" to add your USDT or LikeCoin address for transfer and follow the steps to complete withdrawal.

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