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How to use the Discord support tool and open a ticket
You can contact the moderator privately in the #🎫|open-a-ticket channel. You can also use Liker Land's customer service tools to contact customer service.
1. Go to the #🎫|open-a-ticket channel and click "Create ticket".
Click "Create ticket"
2. The bot will respond, and you can either click #ticket-[number], or;
Click the #ticket-[number]
Go to the menu and click #ticket-[number].
Go to the menu and click #ticket-[number]
3. You can enter your text in the dialogue box. Only moderators of the server can see and reply to the content in this channel; others cannot see them. If you think this ticket is no longer needed, you can click "Close" to delete it.
Click "Close" to close the ticket