Multichain wallet supporting LikeCoin
Cosmostation is a non-custodial multi-chain cryptocurrency browser extension wallet for the Cosmos Interchain, Ethereum, ETH Layer 2, and EVM ecosystems. refer to the following guide for how to install Cosmostation.
Note that the Cosmostation mobile app does not support LikeCoin yet.
You may also export seed words from Liker Land and import to Cosmostation.

Use to deposit, send, delegate, vote and check LikeCoin transaction details

Users will have to go to and connect the LikeCoin chain with Cosmostation. You may manage your LikeCoin with and Cosmostation together to deposit, send, delegate, vote and check the LikeCoin transaction details.
Go to and click "Cosmostation Browser Extension".
Then click "Confirm".
Click on "Confirm" again.
You can see your balance.

Deposit or Send LikeCoin with Cosmostation

Step 1

Click the wallet icon on Cosmostation.

Step 2

On custom chain click "LikeCoin"
If your Cosmostation wallet does not show the LikeCoin chain, please go to to connect to the LikeCoin chain for Cosmostation wallet first.

Step 3

Your $LIKE balance displayed, click "Deposit".

Step 4

Your wallet address and QRCode appears. Scan the QRCode and deposit LikeCoin to your Cosmostation wallet with LIKE pay. Suggest to deposit a small sum to try out first.

Step 5

On Step 3 select "Send". On the blank space fill in the wallet address of the receiver, Token is being selected automatically as LIKE with the available balance in the wallet. Please fill in the number of LikeCoin that need to be sent and reserve some LIKE for the transaction fee. On Memo (Option) fill in the Tag/Memo which may be required by the receiver. Then click "Send".

Step 6

On the confirmation screen, check the details again then click "Confirm" and the LikeCoin is being sent.