Keplr Mobile: Deposit and Send LikeCoin

Deposit and Send LikeCoin directly on Keplr Mobile

Deposit your LikeCoin to Keplr Mobile

To deposit LikeCoin to your Keplr Mobile wallet, please log in and click on the wallet address to copy and paste it somewhere else (such as a crypto exchange or another wallet).

Send LikeCoin from Keplr Mobile to another wallet

Step 1

Click "Send" in the Keplr Mobile.

Step 2

The Send page will appear. Fill in the recipient's wallet address, the amount of LikeCoin to be sent, and optionally fill in any required tag/memo for the recipient. The estimated transaction fee will be displayed, so please ensure you have enough LIKE reserved for it. Then, click "Send".

Step 3

On the confirmation screen, review the details again and click "Approve".

You will see "Transaction pending" then "Transaction successful" indicating that the transfer is complete. Click "Confirm" and return to homepage or "View on Mintscan" to check on details on Mintscan.

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