Direct Voting
How much LikeCoin you stake, how much voting power you have
Likers who has delegated LikeCoin to validators can directly vote on proposals since the FoTan upgrade.
Besides delegating your voting powers to validators to let them vote on behalf of you, you can now vote by yourself. For example if your validator votes for "No", you can vote "Yes" based on the stake that you have. But if you do not cast your vote, your trusted validator is still representing you to vote.
There are multiple ways to vote for a proposal, we suggest using You may also want to use:

How to direct vote on proposals

Step 1: Delegate LikeCoin

Before voting please delegate your LikeCoin to any validators that you trust.

Step 2: Login

Go to and choose Keplr Browser Extension or Authcore to login.

Step 3: Select the proposal to vote

Go to the left hand side menu and select "Proposal", click on the proposal which is on voting period.

Step 4: Proposal detail page

The proposal page listed out the proposal content, current votes, etc. Only validators will have a thumbnail when they vote.

Step 5: Start voting

Click on the "Vote" on the top right hand corner, and the lower right hand corner will show choices of Yes, No, No with Veto and Abstain. Select one of the choices and click "Next".
Transaction fee is required, check it out and agree with "Next".
Confirmation is required. Keplr users will need to approve a pop-up box or press a button to confirm it after clicking "Send". Authcore users directly click "Send".
The vote has been casted, please wait for the transaction to finish.
Voting success.

Step 6: Check voting record

Go to the left hand side menu and select "Transactions" and check out your past voting record.
If the stakeholder votes for a proposal for more than once, the last vote choice will be counted.