Direct Voting

How much LikeCoin you stake, how much voting power you have

Since the FoTan upgrade, likers who have delegated LikeCoin to validators can now directly vote on proposals.

In addition to delegating your voting powers to validators to let them vote on your behalf, you can now vote by yourself. For example, if your validator votes "No," you can vote "Yes" based on the stake that you have. But if you do not cast your vote, your trusted validator will still represent you in the vote.

Vote on Desktop

There are multiple ways to vote for a proposal, we suggest using together with Keplr Browser Extension, Cosmostation Browser Extension or Authcore.

You can also vote directly with Leap Browser Extension.

pageVote on desktop

You may also want to vote with web dashboard

For Keplr Browser Extension

For Keplr Browser Extension, Cosmostation Browser Extension, Leap Browser Extension

Vote on Mobile

Using a mobile browser with can vote by Authcore.

You can also use Keplr Mobile and Cosmostation app to vote.

pageVote on mobile

If the stakeholder votes for a proposal for more than once, the last vote choice will be counted.

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