Install Keplr and create a new wallet

Install Keplr On Chromium Based Browsers

How to install Keplr Browser Extension

Go to the Chrome Web store and click "Add to Chrome" to install the Keplr Browser Extension.

Click "Add extension" and add Keplr into Chome.

Creating a new Keplr wallet via Google One-Click Login

After installing the Keplr browser extension, the page automatically jumps. Click "Create a new wallet," then click "Connect with Google" to register a new Keplr wallet.

A "Sign in with Google" window will pop up, and you can log in to your Google account.

Fill in your Wallet name, Create Keplr Password, Confirm Keplr Password, and click "Next".

Write down your private key. Click "Copy to clipboard" to copy it and find a safe place to encrypt and store it, as it will be used for wallet restoration. Write down the private key and click "Import".

On the Select Chains page, search for LikeCoin, select it, and click "Save".

When the "Account Created!" page appears, the registration process is complete. Click "Finish".

Click the button on the upper right corner of Chrome and pin Keplr for easy access.

Click the Keplr icon above the browser bar to get started.

If the login page appears, enter your password, and click "Unlock".

You will now see LikeCoin in your wallet, indicating that Keplr has been successfully installed.

Please note that the Keplr team does not keep a record of this, so you'll need to remember which account you link.

Please also keep your private key and password safe. If you lose them, you will not be able to manage your LikeCoin. No one can reset your wallet on your behalf.

After installation you can also register a Liker ID.

How to find the LikeCoin wallet address

Wallet Address

You can then register your new wallet with recovery phrase as well:

Creating a new Keplr wallet via setting up a new recovery phrase

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