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Creating a new Keplr wallet via setting up a new recovery phrase

Rember to keep the recover phrase safe
​After installing the Keplr browser extension, the page automatically jumps. Click "Create a new wallet", then click "Connect new recovery phrase" to register a new Keplr wallet.
Click "Create a new wallet" then click "Connect new recovery phrase" to register a new Keplr wallet
Click "I understood. Show my phrase." to confirm that you understand the importance of keeping the recovery phrase secure. The screen will display your recovery phrase. Click "Copy to clipboard" and find a secure place to encrypt and store the recovery phrase, as it is necessary for account recovery. Note that you can choose a 12 or 24 words recovery phrase. Write down the recovery phrase and click "Next".
Click "I understood. Show my phrase.", store your receover phrase and check "Next"
Validate your recovery phrase to ensure that you have stored it correctly. Fill in your Wallet name, Create Keplr Password, Confirm Keplr Password, and click "Next".
Validate your recovery phrase, Fill in your Wallet name, Password, and click "Next"
On the Select Chains page, search for LikeCoin, select it, and click "Save".
Select LikeCoin and click "Save"
When the "Account Created!" page appears, the registration process is complete. Click "Finish".
On "Account Created!" page click "Finish"
Click the button on the upper right corner of Chrome and pin Keplr for easy access.
Pin Keplr in the Toolbar
Click the Keplr icon above the browser bar to get started.
Click the Keplr icon above the browse bar
If the login page appears, enter your password, and click "Unlock".
Click the Keplr icon in the browser toolbar, enter your password, and click "Unlock"
You will now see LikeCoin in your wallet, indicating that Keplr has been successfully installed.
Keplr has been successfully installed with LikeCoin
Please keep your recovery phrase and password safe. If you lose them, you will not be able to manage your LikeCoin. No one can reset your wallet on your behalf.
After installation you can also register a Liker ID.

How to find the LikeCoin wallet address

To import a wallet, please refer to: