Cosmostation app: Deposit and Send LikeCoin

Deposit and Send LikeCoin directly on Cosmostation app wallet

Deposit your LikeCoin to Cosmostation app

Step 1

On the Cosmostation app, click on the wallet address.

Step 2

Your wallet address and QRCode appears. scan the QRCode and deposit LikeCoin to your Cosmostation wallet with LIKE pay. Click "Copy" to copy the wallet address and paste to somewhere else (A crypto exchange or another wallet). Or click "Share".

Step 3

"Share QR Image" can turn wallet QRCode into a photo for easy sharing; "Share Text" can directly share the wallet address to others.

Send LikeCoin from Cosmostation app to another wallet

Step 1

Click "Send" in the Cosmostation app.

Step 2

On the blank space fill in the wallet address of the receiver. Click "Wallet" to call for another wallet address within the Cosmostation app, click "Scan" to scan the wallet QR code or click "Paste" to fill in the copied wallet address, then click "Next".

Step 3

Fill in the amount of LikeCoin that need to be sent and reserve some LIKE for the transaction fee. Click "Next".

Step 4

On Insert memo (Option) fill in the Tag/Memo which may be required by the receiver. Then click "Next".

Step 5

The estimated transaction fee is displayed, click "Next".

Step 6

Reconfirm the transfer amount, transaction fee, LikeCoin amount, receiver wallet address, etc and click "Confirm".

Step 7

Enter the PIN to confirm.

Step 8

The transfer is complete and transaction details are displayed. Press "Share" to share or "Explorer" to view the details in the Mintscan block explorer. Click "Done" when finished.

Use Cosmostaion app to: