Register an ISCN by Keplr

Step 1: Login

Visit in your browser and click "Connect Wallet" in the top right corner or click "Register ISCN"

Please log into Keplr Browser Extension in your browser. After clicking "Keplr", a window will pop up requesting connection, click "Approve".

After successful login, your wallet address will be displayed in the top right corner. Click "Register ISCN" to start ISCN registration.

Step 2: Upload or Skip Upload Content

Upload Content

Click "Select a file" to choose a photo or video, or upload it directly by dragging and dropping. If you have already uploaded the file, you can also choose "Skip Upload".

After the upload is complete, click "View File Info" to check the metadata of your file, including EXIF data such as location and camera settings. Review the details again and "Start Upload".

Skip Upload Content

If you choose "Skip Upload", enter an existing content fingerprint.

Step 3: Fill in the metadata

Fill in the information about this content, including:

  • Register your asset in Numbers Protocol - Click on it and the work will be registered with Numbers Protocol too ( Not applicable to Skip Upload ).

  • ISCN Title

  • Description

  • Author - Click to fill into more details. You may include more than one author if the work is co-created.

    • Name

    • Liker ID

    • Description

    • URL

    • Wallet Address

  • Tags - Help others to find your content

  • URL - Link to the content

  • License - You may refer to Creative Commons for reference.

Although most of the fields are optional, it is recommended to be as detailed as possible for content discovery and authenticity. The system will estimate the cost of this registration. After filling in all the information, click "Register".

Step 4: Sign and getting the ISCN

A Keplr windows will pop up for confirmation, click "Approve" to sign.

To successfully register an ISCN, two signatures are required:

Sign (1/2) Please sign to upload to Arweave

Sign (2/2) Please sign to register ISCN record

Publishing to blockchain normally takes a few seconds only.

ISCN with a unique content fingerprint is ready.

Back to homepage, click "My Publishing" to list all your publications.

Click on a particular piece to check out the metadata and the original file.

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