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Buy LikeCoin

How to buy LikeCoin?
Reminder: Suggest to try with a small amount before making any large transactions
It is recommended to use the Keplr wallet to purchase and manage LikeCoin.

Fiat Currency -> OSMO ( Transak on Osmosis -> LIKE ( Osmosis )

Buy OSMO with a credit card through Transak at Osmosis and exchange to LIKE. See Trade in Osmosis.

Fiat Currency / Cryptocurrency -> OSMO ( Binance or any exchanges) -> LIKE (Osmosis)

Binance listed OSMO on October 31, 2022. Users can trade their fiat or crypto to OSMO in Binance and then go to Osmosis to swap into LIKE. Also can check the list of exchanges supporting OSMO in CoinGecko.

Fiat Currency -> ATOM ( any exchanges ) -> LIKE (Osmosis)

Go to any exchanges that can buy $ATOM e.g. Binance, Kucoin, Kraken ( Check the list of exchanges supporting $ATOM in CoinGecko ), and then go to Osmosis to exchange $ATOM for LikeCoin.

TWD ( MAX ) -> USDT/USDC ( Metamask ) -> axlUSDC ( Satellite ) LIKE -> ( Osmosis )

HKD ( Hong Kong only ) -> Direct purchase LIKE

Go to MyEthShop to buy LIKE directly in HKD.

Fiat currency -> LIKE OTC

Refers to OTC.