Buy LikeCoin

How to buy LikeCoin?
Reminder: Suggest to try with a small amount before making any large transactions
It is recommended to use the Keplr wallet to purchase and manage LikeCoin.

Fiat Currency -> OSMO ( Transak on Osmosis -> LIKE ( Osmosis )

Buy $OSMO with a credit card through Transak at Osmosis and exchange to $LIKE. See Trade in Osmosis.

Fiat Currency / Cryptocurrency -> OSMO ( Binance or any exchanges) -> LIKE (Osmosis)

​Binance listed OSMO on October 31, 2022. Users can trade their fiat or crypto to $OSMO in Binance and then go to Osmosis to swap into $LIKE. Also can check the list of exchanges supporting $OSMO in CoinGecko.

Fiat Currency -> ATOM ( any exchanges ) -> LIKE (Osmosis)

Go to any exchanges that can buy $ATOM e.g. Binance, FTX, Kucoin, Kraken ( list of exchanges supporting $ATOM in CoinGecko ), and then go to Osmosis to exchange $ATOM for LikeCoin.

TWD ( MAX ) -> USDT/USDC ( Metamask ) -> axlUSDC ( Satellite ) LIKE -> ( Osmosis )

HKD ( Hong Kong only ) -> Direct purchase LIKE

Go to MyEthShop to buy $LIKE directly in HKD.

Fiat currency -> LIKE OTC

Refers to OTC.