For other full node operators

For non-validator nodes, or for validator nodes who cannot join the upgrade process, you may setup a full node or replace your current full node after the upgrade is finished.

  1. Clone the software if you haven't already have one:

    git clone
  2. Switch to the fotan-1 branch:

    git checkout fotan-1
  3. Backup docker-compose.yml if you have one:

    cp docker-compose.yml docker-compose.yml.sheungwan
  4. Setup docker-compose.yml and .env file:

    cp docker-compose.yml.template docker-compose.yml
    cp .env.template .env
  5. Get the genesis URL, which will be generated (uploaded) during the upgrade process by validators.

  6. Setup .env file according to the chain parameter:

    • LIKECOIN_DOCKER_IMAGE: "likecoin/likecoin-chain:fotan-1"

    • LIKECOIN_CHAIN_ID: "likecoin-mainnet-2"

    • LIKECOIN_UID: normally keep it as "1000" is fine, but if you are using root user under Linux (e.g. in some VPS) then you should change it to "0".

    • LIKECOIN_MONIKER: the original moniker (in .liked/config/config.toml, search for moniker). If not sure, any name indicating your node is OK.


    • LIKECOIN_SEED_NODES: 913bd0f4bea4ef512ffba39ab90eae84c1420862@,

  7. Backup the original node if you have one:

    mv .liked .liked.bak
  8. Initialize the node with new software:

    docker-compose run --rm init
  9. Re-import the keys and address books from the old node if you have one:

    cp \
      .liked.bak/config/node_key.json \
      .liked.bak/config/priv_validator_key.json \
      .liked.bak/config/addrbook.json \
  10. Start up the node:

    docker-compose up -d
  11. Wait for synchronization, which you may check by going to http://localhost:26657/status and see result.sync_info.catching_up . If it shows false then the node has caught up.

  12. If you have keystore, you may migrate the keys by running the following command:

    docker-compose run liked-command keys migrate /host/.likecli

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