LikeCoin Faucet

Use this faucet to get a small amount of LIKE and start playing around the LikeCoin ecosystem. Each wallet and user can only claim once.

Get LikeCoin wallet address

Go to the LikeCoin chain Faucet and log in with your wallet.

Your LikeCoin wallet address is displayed.

Or refer to the following to get your LikeCoin wallet address:

pageWallet Address

Get LikeCoin for testing on the LikeCoin Discord

Step 1

Go to LikeCoin Discord #faucet-mainnet channel. If you cannot see the channel please go to the #verify channel and get started.

Step 2

Type /faucet and choose "Receive 10 LIKE on likecoin-mainnet-2".

Step 3

Enter the wallet address after /faucet.

Step 4

Receive a reply notification that the LikeCoin transfer has been completed and the txhash for review.

Testnet Faucet


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