LikeCoin Faucet
Use this faucet to get a small amount of LIKE and start playing around the LikeCoin ecosystem. Each wallet and user can only claim once.

Step 1: Connect Wallet

Click Keplr or Comostation to connect to your wallet.
On the Keplr pop-up window, click "Approve".
On the Cosmostation pop-up window, click "Confirm".

Step 2: Send Tokens

Your LikeCoin wallet address is connected, click "Send me tokens".
Need to verify whether it is a robot.

Step 3: Received Tokens

2.5 LIKE have been transferred to your wallet. Click "Check tx" to view the record.

Testnet Faucet

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Step 1: Connect Wallet
Step 2: Send Tokens
Step 3: Received Tokens