Redelegation of LikeCoin
Transfer the delegated LikeCoin to another validator
Liker Land mobile app [Redelegate] function helps users to transfer the delegated LikeCoin from one validator to another. LikeCoin will be transferred immediately after confirmation, voting power of the validator is affected too. The newly delegated LikeCoin receives rewards according to the rewards percentage of the new validator.
Steps for Redelegation:

Step 1: Select the validator with delegation

Click on the validator that you delegated (displayed as green) and select [Redelegate].

Step 2: Select the new validator to delegate

The app pops up a list of validators, select the validator to transfer your LikeCoin.

Step 3: Confirm redelegation

Details of redelegation are displayed, check them carefully, click [Confirm] and wait for the transfer to complete, it usually takes a few seconds.

Beware of cooling-off period

The transferred LikeCoin got a 21 days cooling-off period, they cannot be used in any way. Please note.
Attention: If you previously delegated some LikeCoin to your new validator, the newly transferred LikeCoin will freeze the total LikeCoin amount for 21 days. Please make your decision carefully.
Transaction fee is required for ‌Redelegate LikeCoin.
Last modified 3mo ago