Software Changes Overview

Software Changes that you are expected to see in the new upgrade to FoTan

liked & likecli

  • liked and likecli commands are combined into one single command (liked).

  • Key storage format changed, storage is moved into .liked, any access (including listing keys) would require user to provide the key vault password .

    • Multiple keyring backends are supported from --keyring-backend parameter, however when using Docker, only traditional file storage will be supported. You may compile standalone liked executable for other backends if needed.

  • As likecli is gone, lite client does not have a standalone process anymore. API server would need to be manually enabled in app.toml from the chain node.

Transactions & Queries

  • Balance is moved into the bank module, so you may need to runliked query bank balances instead of likecli query account.

  • Many old APIs are deprecated. See for details.

Docker setup

  • In SheungWan, we used separate Docker images for root and non-root. Turns out it is not necessary, as Docker and Docker-Compose can specify the runtime user. So in FoTan the images are unified, and LIKECOIN_UID is introduced in .env.

  • Variables (seed nodes, users) are specified in the .env file.

  • Commands are now run by docker-compose run , so configs in docker-compose.yml (e.g. volumes, users) could be reused. no need to re-type every time.


  • Scripts are rewritten and combined with Docker Compose profiles (We now require Docker Compose β‰₯1.28).

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