What is the relationship between ISCN and IPFS?

ISCN and IPFS are closely related

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a decentralized file system protocol for storing and sharing data in a peer-to-peer networks. The IPFS hash of the content can serve as the content fingerprint in an ISCN record. IPFS provides a lower-layer protocol foundation.

ISCN registers the important content metadata such as author, publication date, licenses terms, versions, and content fingerprint. It is perfectly matched with decentralized file systems like IPFS so that users can search for content indexed by ISCN in a decentralized network more efficiently. ISCN is also a solution to manage versioning and licensing.

The content fingerprint is not necessary an IPFS hash, however, but can be any content address such as an Arweave content ID or even a popular web URL. An ISCN record can even be filled with other metadata only, without a content fingerprint.

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