Raise Proposal

Raise a proposal with LikeCoin chain daemon.

  1. Download the liked

    Download the latest stable version of liked(LikeCoin chain daemon) from below link.


    At the time of writing, it's v1.2.0.

    Unzip the file and go to the unzipped folder.

  2. Open a terminal

    Open a terminal under the unzipped folder. If you run ls command, you will see files as below.

    JohnDoe@MacBook-Pro  likecoin-chain_1.2.0_Darwin_arm64 % ls
  3. Add account keys

    Run following command to add an operator key with key-name proposer. Type-in your passphrase twice, the command will output your operator address, and also a 12-24 words mnemonic phrase. Please backup the mnemonic phrase properly as it represents your validator's private key.

    ./bin/liked keys add proposer
  4. Deposit some coin

    To enable an empty account on the chain, we need to deposit some coins first.

    For testnet, you can copy the address generated from above step, and go to the testnet faucet to get some coins:

    Testnet Faucet

  5. Write a proposal file

    Run following command to create a proposals folder.

    mkdir proposals

    Run following command to create a proposal template.

    cat << EOF > proposals/text-proposal.json
      "title": "Testing",
      "description": "testing",
      "type": "Text",
      "deposit": "1nanoekil"

    Edit title and description for content of the proposal. Use to break the line in description.

    Note that the coin denom for mainnet is nanolike, for testnet is nanoekil. Modify the denom in deposit field if you are raising proposal to mainnet.

    For example:

      "title": "[Rectify Proposal 25]XXXX",
      "description": "This is a Test!\nTo rectify Proposal 25\nFull Text:\n...",
      "type": "Text",
      "deposit": "1000000000nanoekil"
  6. Raise the proposal

    Run following command to raise a proposal.

    For mainnet:

    ./bin/liked tx gov submit-proposal \
         --proposal=proposals/text-proposal.json \
         --from proposer \
         --node https://mainnet-node.like.co:443/rpc/ \
         --chain-id likecoin-mainnet-2

    For testnet:

    ./bin/liked tx gov submit-proposal \
         --proposal=proposals/text-proposal.json \
         --from proposer \
         --node https://node.testnet.like.co:443/rpc/ \
         --chain-id likecoin-public-testnet-3
  7. Deposit the proposal

    Find the raised proposal:

    For mainnet: https://stake.like.co/proposals

    For testnet: https://likecoin-public-testnet-3.netlify.app/proposals

    Deposit some coins to the proposal.

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