LikeCoin decentralized management

You can now manage your LikeCoin with the Keplr wallet, which is an interchain wallet and your can manage your own private key.

You can also register a Liker ID with Keplr, please take a look at:

Step 1: Install Keplr extension

Go to the Chrome Webstore and click "Add to Chrome" to install the Keplr extension.

Click and "Add extension" to Chrome / Brave.

After installation click on Keplr icon and the registration screen appears. Click and “Create new account”.

The 1st roll is the seed phrase. Find a secure place to encrypt and store the seed phrase as it is needed for account recovery.

Fill in your Account name, password and click "Next", after validating the seed phrase, the wallet interface of Keplr appears.

Step 2: Transfer your LikeCoin to Keplr

The Cosmos address on Keplr is universal, transfer your LikeCoin to this address (suggest to transfer a small sum to try out at the first place). You may notice that you cannot find the LikeCoin that you've transferred, but don't worry.

Step 3: Check LikeCoin balance on Keplr

Go to and click "Keplr Browser Extension".

Then click "Approve".

Click on "Approve" again.

You can see your balance.

Moreover, on the top menu of Keplr select "LikeCoin chain".

It shows your LikeCoin balance.

You may use Keplr to transfer LikeCoin directly. You may also manage your LikeCoin with and Keplr together to transfer or delegate. Keplr also supports hardware wallets.