Get a small amount of LikeCoin from testnet faucet for testing on testnet

LikeCoin Testnet users can get a small amount of LikeCoin at #💧|faucet-testnet to try out various features on the testnet.

  1. Go to the #💧|faucet-testnet channel. If you cannot see the channel please go to the #👍|verify channel to get started, then click 🛠️ on the #🙋|select-roles channel to choose to view the channels of developers and engineers.

  2. Type /faucet and choose "Receive test token for testnet".

  1. Enter the wallet address after /faucet.

  1. Receive a reply notification that the LikeCoin transfer has been completed and the txhash was provided for review.

LikeCoin Mainnet Faucet


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