Trade in Osmosis

DEX, registration not required, immediate trade
Reminder: Suggest to try with a small amount before making any large transactions
On October 20, 2021, Likers can access LIKE in a permissionless and frictionless way with LikeCoin's first DEX listing of LIKE on Osmosis. For instance, swap LIKE to different listed tokens on Osmosis (or vice versa), including USD stablecoin — USDC. Registration is not required and no minimum deposit or withdrawal limit. Users can operate with their wallet all the way down, and experience decentralized trading.
Transak is a registered crypto asset firm with the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds in respect of its activities in crypto assets. Transak enables users to buy or sell crypto by credit card.

Buy LikeCoin

You can use Transak to buy $OSMO in Osmosis and swap it for $LIKE. Note that only desktop computers and Keplr browser extension are supported for the time being.

Step 1: Connect Osmosis

Go to the Osmosis website, click "Connect Wallet" on the top right hand corner.
On Connect Wallet, select "Keplr Wallet".
On the top right hand corner your wallet name and $OSMO balance appear. You can also click them to disconnect at any time.

Step 2: Connect to Transak

Click "Buy tokens" on the lower left corner to start buying token in Transak.
Enter the amount of $OSMO that you want to buy and click "Buy Now".
Information such as your wallet address, the amount of $OSMO to buy, and the handling fee appear. After confirmation click "Buy OSMO".
Enter your email address and click "Continue".
After receiving the Verification Code by email, enter it and click "Continue".

Step 3: Conduct Identity Verification ( KYC )


Enter your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Date of birth and click "Continue".


Enter your Address Line, Address Line 2, State/Region, City, Postal/Zip Code, Country and click "Continue".


Provide your ID for identity verification, you can directly use the video camera of the computer (Take photo using webcam) or Continue on mobile.
If you use your mobile phone, you can choose to enter your email and send a link to your mobile or Scan QR code instead.
Take Send a link to your mobile as an example. After receiving the email, click "here" on the mobile phone to continue.
Click "Start" on the mobile, take a photo of the Front of identity card, upload it and click "Confirm".
Click "Start" on mobile to take a picture of the Back of identity card and upload it and click "Confirm".
Click "Start" to perform Face verification. Upon completion, Check your desktop will appear and you can return to the desktop computer.
The yellow exclamation appears and the data has been uploaded. Wait for 5-10 minutes for identity verification to complete.
Your profile has been verified. appears. Click "Order Now" to continue.

Step 4: Buy $OSMO

Enter the Billing Address, note that this address must be the same as the credit card address, then click "Continue".
Enter your credit card information and click "Add Card".
Your credit card information, wallet address, and the amount of $OSMO are listed for final confirmation. Click "Confirm".
Transaction complete. You will receive an email and have the $OSMO in your Keplr wallet.

Step 5: Swap $OSMO for $LIKE

Go to the Osmosis frontpage and swap $OSMO to $LIKE. You can check out the Rate, Swap Fee and Estimate output. Confirm the details and click "Swap" to perform the trade.
On Keplr pop-up screen, click "Approve" to continue.
Go to Assets and your $LIKE increased. click "Withdraw >" then Withdraw LIKE appears. Enter the amount of $LIKE that needs to be withdrawn in Select Amount, and then click "Withdraw LIKE" to withdraw $LIKE back to the LikeCoin chain.

Sell LikeCoin

Step 1: Deposit $LIKE to Osmosis

Go to the menu on the left and click Assets, find LikeCoin - LIKE and click "Deposit >" and deposit $LIKE to Osmosis.
On Deposit LIKE, input quantity of $LIKE to deposit on "Select Amount", then click "Deposit LIKE". Please note that you have to reserve some LikeCoin in Keplr for transaction fee, otherwise the LikeCoin cannot be deposited.
On IBC Transfer click "Approve".
After several pop-up screens appeared, IBC Transfer Complete.

Step 2: Swap $LIKE for other cryptocurrencies

Go to Osmosis frontpage and select $LIKE to swap with any other cryptocurrency that Osmosis supports. You can check out the Rate, Swap Fee and Expected output, confirm the details and click "Swap" to perform the trade. Then on Keplr pop-up screen, click "Approve" to continue.
Check on Assets and the funds that you traded there. Click "Withdraw >" to withdraw token just the same as Swap $OSMO for $LIKE.