Trade in Osmosis
DEX, registration not required, immediate trade
On October 20, 2021, Likers can access LIKE in a permissionless and frictionless way with LikeCoin's first DEX listing of LIKE on Osmosis. For instance, swap LIKE to different listed tokens on Osmosis (or vice versa), including USD stablecoin — UST. Registration is not required and no minimum deposit or withdrawal limit. Users can operate with their wallet all the way down, and experience decentralized trading.
You will have to use Keplr to login to Osmosis. If you are used to managing your LikeCoin on Liker Land wallet, you will have to deposit them to Keplr and login to Osmosis.

Step 1: Register

Register a Liker ID with Keplr.

Step 2: Deposit

Deposit LikeCoin to Keplr.

Step 3: Connect Osmosis

Go to the Osmosis website, click the lower left hand corner "Connect Wallet".
On Connect Wallet, select "Keplr Wallet".
On the lower left hand corner your wallet name and OSMO balance appear. You can also click "Sign Out" at any time.

Step 4: Deposit LikeCoin to Osmosis

Osmosis itself is also a blockchain and it's name is Osmosis blockchian. Trade LikeCoin in Osmosis will have to deposit them to the Osmosis blockchain first.
Go to the menu on the left and click Assets, find LikeCoin - LIKE and click "Deposit >" to perform IBC Deposit.
On Deposit IBC Asset, input quantity of LikeCoin to deposit on "Amount To Deposit", then click "Deposit". Please note that you have to reserve some LikeCoin in Keplr for transaction fee, otherwise the LikeCoin cannot be deposited.
On IBC Transfer click "Approve".
After several pop-up screens appeared, IBC Transfer Successful!

Step 5: Trade

Go to the menu on the left and click Trade. On "From" select LIKE, on "To" select the cryptocurrency that you would like to trade. You can check out the Rate, Swap Fee and Estimate Slippage amount. Confirm the details and click "Swap" to perform the trade.
On Keplr pop-up screen, click "Approve" to continue.
After the trade, check on Assets and the funds that you traded is there.

Step 6: Withdraw Funds

Go to Assets and click "Withdraw >" then IBC Withdraw your funds to Keplr for sending them to crypto exchange or another wallet.