Writing NFT

A Writing NFT is an NFT representing the ownership of a written work

Writing NFT FAQ

What is Writing NFT?

A "Writing NFT" is a non-fungible token (NFT) representing the ownership of a written work, such as an article or any other type of text, with or without accompanying illustrations. In other words, it is digital evidence of the ownership of a piece of written content.

How to collect Writing NFT?

There are several ways to collect a NFT eBook or Article NFT:

  1. Check out the Liker Land NFT Bookstore, where NFT eBooks and Article NFTs are available.

  2. Visit the Bookshelf page of the author or collector and purchase the Writing NFT there.

  3. Look for an NFT Widget that is embedded in the content you're interested in.

I do not have a Liker ID, can I buy Writing NFT?

Yes. Readers can buy Writing NFT with LikeCoin without registering a Liker ID.

How to know that there are new NFTs for sale?

Use the Follow Creators function.

Where can I check out my NFT collection?

At the My Dashboard page.

How to transfer NFT?

Transfer can be done at the NFT page, just enter the wallet address of the receiver to transfer.

How to sell Writing NFT in the secondary market?

Set the selling price of NFT in the NFT Marketplace, and readers can collect it directly.

On what basis does the price of the Article Writing NFT change?

The price changes dynamically based on supply and demand of the NFT. Creators do not need to set the price and quantity. Readers do not need to set the bidding price too, just collect when the price feels right. The market price will decrease when someone sells in the NFT Marketplace.

How to list NFT eBook for sale?

Use LikeCoin NFT Book Press to publish NFT e-books.

How to list Article NFT for sale?

If you want to publish your written works as NFTs, you can do so via several platforms that support LikeCoin Writing NFTs, such as WordPress websites, Liker.Social, and illustBuy. Additionally, you can use the NFT portal to publish any web page as an NFT.

Once your NFTs are published, they will be automatically listed. Others can collect them through Liker Land or an NFT Widget or Bookshelf without any additional work on your part.

How to set the Article NFT quantity for sale?

There is no upper limit in principle. However, as the marked price will increase automatically as sales goes on, the minting of NFT will stop automatically when the price reaches a point that is out of market’s expectation.

I do not have a Liker ID, can I sell Writing NFT?

Sure. The Web3Press plugin supports NFT Widgets with Keplr wallet address. You can also login your wallet to the NFT Portal to mint NFT, and then display your work on the Bookshelf, and share the link for readers to purchase.

How to install NFT Widget?

You can install the LikeCoin Web3Press plugin, and each post will automatically add an NFT Widget. You can also post on writing platforms that support NFT Widget. Users who have technical background can add the iframe of NFT Widget to any webpage.

Any other way to sell my Writing NFT besides by NFT Widget?

Yes, you can always share the link of your NFT which can be copied from the Bookshelf page or the NFT Marketplace.

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