Delegate on mobile

Delegate LikeCoin via on a mobile browser

Using a mobile browser with can delegate by Authcore, and the steps are the same as using a desktop computer to delegate LikeCoin via

Delegate via Keplr Mobile

Step 1: Login Keplr Mobile

On Keplr Mobile, click "Stake".

Step 2: Select a Validator

In the "All Active Validators", choose the validator you want to delegate to.

Step 3: Delegate

Click "Stake".

Step 4: Decide the amount to delegate

Enter the amount of LikeCoin you want to delegate and click "Stake".

Step 5: Confirm the amount, transaction fee, and complete the delegation

The estimated transaction fee is displayed; click "Approve" to complete the delegation.

You will see "Transaction pending" and then "Transaction successful", indicating that the delegation is complete. Click "Confirm" to return to the homepage or "View on Mintscan" to check the details on Mintscan.

Step 6: Check your delegation and withdraw rewards

Click "Claim" on the Keplr Mobile homepage to withdraw your rewards, review the details again and click "Approve". Clicking "Staking" and the Staking Dashboard will appear.

In "My Pending Rewards," you can also check the amount of rewards to be withdrawn and click "Claim" to complete the process. "My Staking" displays the number of LikeCoins delegated and the distribution of validators.

Delegate via Cosmostation app

Step 1: Login Cosmostation app

On the Cosmostation app, click "Delegate".

Step 2: Select a validator

Select the validator that you want to delegate on the "Top" menu of the Validator List.

Step 3: Delegate


Step 4: Decide the amount to delegate

Enter the amount of LikeCoin you want to delegate and click "Next".

Fill in the Memo (if any), click "Next".

Step 5: Confirm the amount and transaction fee

The estimated transaction fee is displayed, click "Next".

Reconfirm the delegate amount and transaction fee and click "Confirm".

The "Delegate Notice" will appear. Read it and click "Confirm" again.

Step 6: PIN confirmation

Enter the PIN to confirm.

Step 7: Check your delegation

The delegation is complete and transaction details are displayed. Press "Share" to share or "Explorer" to view the details in the Mintscan block explorer. Click "Done" when finished.

Step 8: Withdraw Rewards

On the "My" page of the Validator List, select "One Click Claim all Rewards" to withdraw delegation rewards from all validators. Click "One Click Compounding" to reinvest the rewards to increase the delegated amount.

Alternatively, click on each validator to "Claim Reward" or "Compounding" one by one.

On the CLAIM REWARD or Compounding page, click "Next" and then "Confirm" to withdraw rewards.

Delegate via Liker Land

You can also use the Liker Land app to stake LikeCoin. You may check out the tutorial clip and the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Select a validator

Open the Liker Land app and click "My Wallet" to enter the wallet page. On this page, you can check the amount of LikeCoin you have and see a list of validators below. Select one of them as you like.

Please note that the commission rate of each validator may not be the same.

Select a validator and bring up the page below, which lists the percentage of rewards, voting power, and how much LikeCoin is being delegated to this validator (Liker Share).

Click "Delegate" and go to the next page.

Step 2: Enter the amount of LikeCoin to delegate

Click "Delegate" to bring up the following page, enter the amount of LikeCoin that you would like to delegate to the validator, then click "Next".

The confirmation page is displayed, showing the validator's wallet address. Click "Details" to reconfirm the amount to delegate and check the estimated transaction fee.

Click "Confirm", and after a few seconds, it displays "Transaction Completed," which means delegation of LikeCoin is completed.

A validator with your delegation will be displayed as green.

Step 3: Relax and Withdraw Rewards!

Going back to the wallet page, you can drag down the screen and refresh the wallet status.

The LikeCoin rewards earned from delegation will be released every 5 or 6 seconds, quicker than monthly interest from the bank! You can check out the "Delegating Rewards" amount from the validator page or click "Withdraw Rewards" to save the rewards back to your wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount on the Liker Land app is 1 LikeCoin.

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