How to register an ISCN?

The 1st demo of an ISCN application

📣Register an ISCN requires LikeCoin, users can get a small amount of LikeCoin from the faucet for testing.

Users can go to and register an ISCN for their content and a unique image will be generated randomly. Even if there is a tiny little change to two pieces of similar content, the image for the ISCN will not be the same.

Registering ISCN to the LikeCoin chain will also upload the content to IPFS and Arweave and/or Numbers Protocol. Users only have to pay a small amount of LikeCoin for registering and hosting.

Users can also check an ISCN record and its details in

Ways to register an ISCN

Users can also register an ISCN using Cosmostation, Cosmostation app or Liker Land app.

Or register an ISCN on Matters.

Publish Writing NFT

After registering an ISCN, users can publish it as Writing NFT.

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