Civic Liker

Why should I become a Civic Liker? Any benefits?

Civic Liker is a movement to reward open contents. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you become a Civic Liker. Whatever you Like will then be turned into a tangible reward to creators.

Your interest, your taste

The USD $5 paid monthly by a Civic Liker will be distributed to creators in full amount.* Which creators to support purely depends on the online contents you Like during the month, while the Foundation distributes the reward based on your taste. You may check the distribution of rewards any time down to a cent on our panel.

Benefiting from Giving

Other than supporting creators, Civic Likers enjoy various benefits such as taking part in community voting, accessing bonus contents, receiving newsletters from idols and joining offline events.

Influent Creators Reward Pool distribution

  • Distribute own reward pool with every Like

  • Participate in community voting

  • Access bonus contents

  • Receive idol newsletter

  • Join offline events

  • Detailed reward distribution report

  • Unique, immutable badges