Civic Liker

Why should I become a Civic Liker? Any benefits?

Civic Liker is a movement that rewards good content and encourages openness.

Civic Liker Web3

You can become a Civic Liker by staking at least 5,000 LikeCoin to the "Civic Liker" node with a Liker ID tied to the staking wallet address. The node takes 100% of the stake reward to allow you to distribute the reward to the creators you "like" via the LikeCoin button.

Reward creators without spending your principal

Like = reward. Every Civic Liker's "Like" by clicking the LikeCoin button will be converted into LikeCoin rewards for the creators. The stake reward is distributed without touching the staked LikeCoin principal. The more you stake, the more stake reward you will receive, and thus the more budget you can allocate to rewarding creativity.


Let's say Alice stakes 25,000 LIKE to the "Civic Liker" node. Assuming the staking APR is 15%, the monthly stake reward would be 25,000 × 0.15 × 12 = 312.5 LIKE. By giving "Likes," you can distribute the stake reward to creators while keeping your staked LikeCoin untouched.

You can withdraw from staking at any time after a 21-day cool-down period.

Vote on Creators Fund’s distribution

The creator's reward consists of two parts: Civic Liker's stake reward and the "Creators Fund".

The Creators Fund aims to support creators and is distributed to them through "Likes" via the LikeCoin button. The more you delegate to the Civic Liker node, the greater voting power you have on the usage of the Creators Fund.

Free Liker's Likes can also reward a small amount of the Fund to creators.

Be the Stakeholder in LikeCoin DAO

The staked LikeCoin represents voting power in LikeCoin DAO proposal voting. The more LikeCoin you stake, the greater voting power you have.

Encourage openness

We believe that every dollar we spend should be used to reward openness and not to encourage creators to lock their content behind paywalls. Civic Liker is a way to reward creators even when they offer their content for free.

Join us and support a more open world.

NFT bonus

Civic Likers are eligible for future NFT drops. Stay tuned!

Background of Civic Liker

The Civic Liker movement started on January 1, 2019. Readers could join a $5 monthly subscription plan and reward creators by liking their content. As of February 2022, Civic Liker has rewarded 50 million LikeCoin to 24,000 creators.

The Civic Liker plan transitioned to a Web3 version on February 21, 2022, which implemented the feature of distributing stake rewards to creators and discontinued support for credit card payments. This is also known as the "Civic Liker Web3 beta."


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