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Why should I become a Civic Liker? Any benefits?

​Join Civic Liker​

Civic Liker is a movement to reward open contents, positioned as "a tool to encourage open subscription", helping readers to support his/her beloved content creators via any platforms. Therefore content creators can focus on content creation and survive with stable income. For the cost from a cup of coffee to a bottle of campaign, you become a Civic Liker. Whoever you support will then be turned into a tangible reward to the creators.

Monthly fee support the designated creator

The monthly supporting amount for LikeCoin will be credited to the content creator in full amount.* The income is in proportion to the number of Civic Likers that support him/her and will be received in due course. Moreover, Civic Liker is able to largely affect the daily creators fund distribution by their claps to the content so that creators can earn extra income.

Support content creators via any platforms

No matter the content is in what kind of format or if the platform supports a LikeCoin button or not, readers can still support the content creator. By clicking sponsor link of the content creator in any channels and medium such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Line or Telegram ( Format:[Your Liker ID]/civic ), readers become one of the sponsor of the content creator's Civic Liker monthly payment supporting group. And of course, clapping for the content creators in platforms supporting the LikeCoin button can also let them earn extra LikeCoin reward from Creators Fund.
Example of sponsor link:​

Encourage openness and diversity

We believe every penny has to be utilized to encourage openness and diversity, content creators should keep on creating in their familiar platform and publish their works as usual. It is not necessary for them to forfeit the engagement rate and get paid by keeping their work behind paywall. And of course, only open part of their works to the Civic Liker program is another option.
Encouraging more Civic Likers to participante is to encourage more open and viewable content.

Pay as you go, Fancy or simple

    The new Civic Liker 2.0 supports subscriptions to multiple content creators, 5 USD is the minimum monthly support amount, feel free to pay more and support creations.
    Civic Liker Classic: Donate 5 USD per month. The sum will be distributed to different creators based on your claps/likes.

Benefiting from Giving

Other than supporting creators, Civic Likers enjoy various benefits such as taking part in community voting, accessing bonus contents, receiving newsletters from idols and joining offline events.

Benefits of Civic Liker

    Vote and support beloved content
    Participate in community voting
    Access bonus contents
    Receive idol newsletter
    Join offline events
    Detailed reward distribution report
Encourage more people to join Civic Liker and build a healthy creation ecosystem, please support the Republic of Liker Land.
*The monthly supporting amount (deducting the credit card transaction fee) will be exchanged to LikeCoin. Creators from all around the world will exchange them back into local currencies.
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