NFT eBooks Replenishment

NFT eBooks are selling well. How can we list more of them?

The process for adding supplementary books (replenishing stock) is similar to the regular process of listing NFT eBooks. However, there’s one important point to note.

Step 1: Prepare the NFT Class ID

Visit the Liker Land Bookstore and find the NFT eBook you want to replenish. Note down the alphanumeric string after the URL, starting with the word "like". This alphanumeric string represents the NFT Class ID.

Step 2:Mint more NFT eBooks

Visit the LikeCoin NFT Book Press website, click "Mint NFT", enter the website, and click the "Connect Wallet" link in the upper right corner to connect with Keplr.

In the "Enter ISCN ID or NFT Class ID" field, input the NFT Class ID. Afterward, click "Submit".

Important! To replenish books, you need to enter the NFT Class ID, not the ISCN ID!

Step 3:Fill in the number of books to mint

Enter the number of NFTs to mint in the "Number of NFT to mint" field. After filling in and confirming that everything is correct, click "Mint". The Keplr wallet will pop up windows several times. Click "Approve" to sign and complete minting.

Step 4: Select the Edition to replenish

Current Listing displays the NFT eBooks that are currently listed. Select the one that needs replenishing and manage it.

Click on the version that needs replenishing. If you need to create a new edition, click “New Edition".

Step 5: Adjust the quantity of NFT eBooks available for sale

Simply modify the “Total number of NFT ebook/edition for sale”, and then click “Save Changes” to replenish the eBooks. 😊

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