Rationale and benefits

For Civic Liker only

Civic Liker x Independent bookstores

Show off your brilliant Civic Liker avatar on Liker Land mobile app or on https://liker.land/settings, enjoy the benefits offered by various Hong Kong bookstores. Let's call up your friends to join the revolution for a better world!

序言書室 Hong Kong Reader:Chinese book 10% off, English book 5% off 解憂舊書店 The Book Cure:10% off 清明堂 Bleak House Books:10% off 博雅小書店 Boya Books:Taiwanese book 25% off, Hong Kong book 20% off 信仰生活互動坊‧塔冷通心靈書舍 Talentum Living Faith:10% off 森記圖書公司 Sam Kee Book Company:15% off, 30% off for second hand book Art and Culture Outreach|艺鵠:Free Civic Liker Stickers 生活書社 Living Bookspace:Free Civic Liker Stickers

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