How to pay Civic Liker yearly subscription

Yearly plan only applicable for subscription to Civic Liker Classic

Archived on 2022/06/14. Information is out of date, please refer to the new entry "Civic Liker".

Please note if you subscribe to the Civic Liker Classic yearly plan, you are not able to subscribe to the Civic 2.0 monthly plan. However you can subscribe to Civic Liker Classic and 2.0 all together on a monthly basis.

Subscribe to Civic Liker Classic yearly plan by LikeCoin

Go to URL and pay 15,000 LikeCoin to start the subscription.

Subscribe to Civic Liker Classic yearly plan by Payme or FPS

If you are from Hong Kong, you can pay for Civic Liker Classic yearly plan by PayMe or FPS, the fee is HKD468.

Step 1: Pay by PayMe of FPS ( Year subscription fee HKD468 )

  • PayMe ID: 6636369

  • PayMe QR code:

Step 2: Send the transaction record

After payment is done, please collect your transaction record together with your Liker ID and send to / Liker Land lower right hand corner help desk dialogue box ( icon in green ), or email to The transaction record can be a screenshot of the money transfer.

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