Civic Liker Classic and 2.0

Why should I become a Civic Liker? Any benefits?

Archived on 2022/06/14. Information is out of date, please refer to the new entry "Civic Liker".

Civic Liker is a movement to reward good content and encourage openness. The Civic Liker subscription plan provides a convenient way for supporters to sponsor creators by monthly subscription, and let the creators focus on their work with decent rewards. Readers can pay for at least the cost of a coffee, or up to the cost of a bottle of champagne, to support creators.

Monthly subscription fee for designated creators

The creators get the monthly sponsorship on a fixed date of their billing cycle. Equivalent amount of LikeCoin will be transferred to creators' wallet. Civic Likers also has the prestige power to vote for the daily distribution of the Creator's Fund by clicking LikeCoin buttons on any creative works.

Support content creators via any platforms

Creators do not need to be bound by a single platform in order to get support from Civic Likers, just share the Civic Liker sponsor link via any channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Telegram or Line, etc (format:[yourLikerID]/civic ) and supporters can become the Civic Liker by subscribing the monthly plan with credit card.

Example of sponsor link:

Support openness and diversity

We wish to utilize every penny well to encourage openness and diversity. Creators do not need to lock their content behind a paywall, forfeit the reach-rate in order to get their effort paid. Civic Liker is an option for an open business model, or a hybrid model for free and paid content.

Support Civic Liker, encourage more open content.

Pay as you go, flexible pricing

  • Civic Liker supports subscriptions to multiple content creators, the minimum price is 5 USD per month, welcome to support more.

  • Civic Liker Classic: 5 USD per month. The sum will be distributed to different creators based on your claps/likes via LikeCoin buttons.

Benefiting from Giving

Other than supporting creators, Civic Likers enjoy various benefits such as taking part in community voting, accessing bonus contents, receiving newsletters from idols and joining offline events.

Benefits of Civic Liker

  • Clap to support beloved content by the Creators Fund

  • Participate in community voting

  • Access bonus contents

  • Receive idol newsletter

  • Join offline events

  • Detailed reward distribution report

Encourage more people to join Civic Liker and build a healthy decentralized publishing ecosystem, please support the Republic of Liker Land.

*The monthly supporting amount (deducting the credit card transaction fee) will be changed to LikeCoin. Creators from all around the world can trade LikeCoin to any currencies.

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