Next community meeting: 2020.05.18 (Mon)

Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics

(Difference from 2020.05.04)

Last week

  • Working on IPFS access for the ISCN module, now focusing on the architecture to process data with upgradable schema dynamically

This week

  • Work on IPFS access for the ISCN module

michael (Developer)

Last week

  • Migrate Elasticsearch instance from Elastic Cloud to AWS hosted

  • Create detailed like events dashboard for internal analysis

This week

  • Continue to test integration with Liquid Quick Exchange

  • Migrate all data from Intercom to Crisp

William (Full Stack Developer)

Last week

  • Fixed LIKE pay issue found by matters pay

  • Drafted technical design for super like PoC

  • Deployed crisp to oice for testing

  • Working on migrating existing civic liker wallet code base to typescript, in preparation for super like changes

This week

  • Prepare LikeCoin SDK/API sharing

  • Deploy crisp to liker.co and liker.land

  • Continue to work on typescript migration

  • Implement super like related feature on wallet related workflow

David Ng (Frontend Developer)

Last Week

  • App

    • Released Liker Land app 0.17.0

    • Discovered crash due to high memory usage on old model iPhone

  • like.co

    • Home page revamp

This Week

  • App

    • Investigate and reduce high memory usage

    • Other website sign-in

  • like.co

    • Home page revamp

edmond (Operations & Marketing)


  • App Download

    • iOS: 153 (+50%)

    • Android: 87 (-46%)

  • Facebook App download AD (iOS) under test since last Sat, CPA $17.71, driving 11 results.

  • Social Media (executed by community helper Daisy)

    • Facebook reach last week was 949 and engagement rate 3%, compared to last week 1144 and 4% were relatively low. Topics of Likerthon seem not very engaging, maybe non-tech users were thinking that it is not that related to themselves and skip. The coming week will focus on introducing ideas from each Likerthon team and the content will be more “layman”, hope things will become better.

Last week

This week

Phoebe (Community & Business Development)

  • Published a hackerthon co-work tutorial to continue to drive Likerthon

  • Planned on the upcoming 2 months fund raising submissions

  • Hosted a sharing on Wednesday to kick off Likerthon weekly activity

Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Last week

  • Finalized the basic LikeButton design

  • Made suggestions on like.co homepage design, especially on navigation

  • Participated in the discussion of quick exchange with Liquid

  • Designed promotion material for the state feature

This week

  • Will continue on promotion material design

  • May make some final touch on the LikeButton design

Aludirk (System Architect)

Last week

  • Built the infrastructure of IPLD plugin for ISCN.

This week

  • Implement the IPLD plugin for ISCN.

ckxpress (Product Designer)

  • hosted LikeCoin community meeting and agreed to raise proposal to increase validator seats to 25

  • guest lecture on LikeCoin for teachers and students of NTUT (國立臺北科技大學)

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