FAQ: Listing Liker Land NFT eBooks

Book Press provides self-publishing services for Liker Land. We offer authors and publishers a platform to self-publish their works, and we also act as a distributor. As an author, you become both the creator and publisher of your work. Liker Land serves as an e-book service to sell your works, without claiming any copyright or demanding a share of profits from sales on other platforms.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at publish@liker.land.

eBook rights attribution

Liker Land is only responsible for acting as an agent to distribute your work on our platform. The publishing rights and copyrights of the eBook still belong to the author (or legal representative). Liker Land reproduces and publishes the eBook with your authorized consent.

eBook Platform Service Fee

eBook platforms typically charge a certain percentage as a service fee:

Generally, this fee is 35% of the actual selling price. 30% is the sales channel commission*, while the remaining 5% is the platform fee.

*The commission earned from sales through the Liker Land website. Liker Land recommends a uniform approach for any channel (such as bookstores, websites, or KOLs), where a 30% profit share encourages more people to assist with sales. Liker Land provides tools for authors to generate different URL links, which can be assigned to various channels. Transactions achieved through specific links record channel data, allowing authors to distribute income to those channels. Authors are responsible for ensuring that channels use the correct links for book sales. Liker Land categorizes all transactions not using channel-specific links as sales directly through Liker Land.

Network Fee

The actual cost depends on the file size and exchange rates, making it difficult to be calculated precisely. However, if you already have a file, you can directly estimate it using the system.

For example, let's consider Zhou Zuoren's book "ι›¨ε€©ηš„ζ›Έ" (The Book of Rainy Days). The storage fee for a 2.7 MB file is 0.12 USD (charged only once). Additionally, printing one e-book costs approximately 0.005 USD (based on the number of copies printed).

eBook Royalties

The calculation for eBook royalties is as follows:

Actual selling price of the book deducting the platform service fee is the net amount available for royalties.

For eBooks, the formula is:

eBook Royalty = (Actual Selling Price) Γ— 35% + (Actual Selling Price Γ— 4.4% for Stripe credit card fees) + $0.30

For example, if your book is listed on Liker Land with a selling price of $100, the royalty you would receive per sale is:

Royalty = 100 Γ— 35% + (100 Γ— 4.4% + 0.3) = $39.7 per book

Distribution Agent Off-Shelf

If you need to take your book off the shelves for any reason, please notify us by email at publish@liker.land. We reserve the right to terminate users' access to the service or remove content. If you believe your content has been copied in a way that infringes copyright or trademark rights, or violates your public or other intellectual property rights, please fill out the form to notify us (see the terms related to DMCA for details).

Income and Payment Instructions

It is recommended to use Stripe for handling income and payments. Please refer to the basic financial reports page for details.

How to withdraw funds using Stripe?

Please visit the Stripe Receive payouts page for instructions.

About Listing (Detailed Tutorial)

Do you provide EPUB file creation services?

Our basic service includes the listing service only. For additional services such as EPUB file creation, cover design, editing, formatting, and curation, feel free to contact us at publish@liker.land.

Pricing and Selling Price

You can set the pricing and actual selling price of your book according to your preferences and needs. Please note that the actual selling price must be equal to or less than the listed price. The minimum actual selling price for a priced item is $0.99 USD.

Free Option

If you want readers to receive your book for free, you can set the price of that book to $0 . We also support a "tip" feature, allowing readers to give additional tips in a custom amount to further support the author.

Price Modification

After your book is listed, you can freely adjust the price or run promotional discounts. The changes take effect immediately and are automatically updated.

Publishing Process

Book Cover

A completed EPUB file already includes the book cover, so there's no need to upload it separately. However, if you're uploading a non-EPUB format file, you'll need to upload a separate cover image. For PDF files, an independent image file serves as the book cover.

Book Title, Author, and Category

Accurate information about the book title, author, and relevant tags is crucial for readers to recognize your work. Please make sure to fill in this information correctly.


Well-chosen keywords can help readers discover your work when searching for related topics, increasing the visibility of your book. Avoid using unrelated terms as keywords, as they may have a counterproductive effect.

Publisher/Author Exclusive URL

Once a publisher or author has their first published work, they will have an exclusive URL. You can share this URL to promote your book.

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