Liker Land web

Clap for your hero content on desktop computer

Although Liker Land mobile app provides the "content clapping experiences" that best suit your needs, Liker Land web also brings the same convenience for discovering, following and bookmarking content.

Click on the menu at the top right hand corner, there are other options.

Option 1: Civic Liker

You can pay and become a Civic Liker, check out the subscription status or unsubscribe. Read this to learn more about Civic Liker.

Option 2: I'm a Creator too

Click and learn more about how to embed a LikeCoin button to a website.

Option 3: Settings

5 preferences can be set up:

  • Language: This is talking about the Liker Land web language preference and is not going to alter your Liker Land mobile app setting (You may refer to the mobile app setup)

  • Liker ID: Redirect to setting page. User can set up his/her Liker ID avatar, social media logins, etc. Read this for more details

  • Civic Liker Subscribing/Unsubscribe status

  • Creator: Registered/Not Registered

  • Follow/Unfollow: User follows all the creators that he/she clapped and appreciated, which is a default setting. Unfollow the creator if required (indicated below)

Option 4: Support

Redirect to LikeCoin Help Center. Check out the FAQ, or click on the blue bubble at the lower right hand corner to contact our help desk.

Option 5: Logout

Click and logout Liker Land. If you want to login with another Liker ID, you have to log out completely from the Liker Land web, otherwise you will be bounced back to the previous Liker ID during your next login attempt.