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Liker Land web

Web version of Liker Land
After logging in to Liker Land web - https://Liker.Land, click the avatar in the upper right corner and the menu will pop up.
Liker Kand menu

Option 1: Enter Store -

The bookstore displays selected NFT eBooks, popular and latest Writing NFTs and article recommendations.

Option 2: My Dashboard -

Access your My Dashboard.

Option 3: Mint NFT -

Use the NFT Portal to mint NFTs.

Option 4: Notifications -

View and manage NFT Notifications.

Option 5: Settings -

Liker ID -

Option 6: Sign Out

Click to log out of Liker Land. If you wish to log in with a different Liker ID, you must log out completely from the Liker Land web. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the previous Liker ID during your next login attempt.