Civic Liker Dashboard
Check out who you are subscripting, the monthly subscription fee you are paying, subscribe, unsubscribe and adjust your subscription
Civic Liker Dashboard
On the Liker Land web menu, click on Civic Liker and launch the Civic Liker dashboard. User can manage their Civic Liker subscription, for example:
  • Is the subscription valid?
  • The next billing date
  • The total monthly subscription amount
  • Credit Card Information
  • The content creator that you are supporting
  • Civic Liker Classic subscription status

Manage Subscription

Users can easily manage their subscriptions on Civic Liker Dashboard, all content creators subscribed will be listed. Click on "Edit" to change the subscription amount or unsubscribe.
Besides subscribing to a content creator, users can also subscribe for "Civic Liker Classic'', the amount of USD 5 per month will be distributed according to the claps that the users had made. The number of claps does not have a limit and the monthly subscription fee will not exceed USD 5. Each user can subscribe to more than one content creator, but only one Civic Liker Classic subscription can be purchased.
If the user subscribes to both Civic Liker and Civic Liker Classic, the amount have to pay will be added up accordingly.
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