Purchase NFT eBooks

How to Purchase NFT eBooks

No matter if you have a crypto wallet or not, collecting NFT eBooks on desktop or mobile is equally convenient:

Step 1: Start Purchasing

Go to the e-book’s page and click "Purchase".

Step 2: Show your support with a tip!

In addition to the book price, you can now further support the author by tipping them. The default tipping amounts are HKD 40, 200, and 1000, but you can also enter a custom tipping amount and then click "Continue", or simply click "Skip".

Step 3: Credit Card Payment

The Stripe page will appear. Enter your email and credit card information, then click "Pay". If you have tipped the author extra, it will display "Extra Tip".

Step 4: Successful Purchase of NFT eBook

A page pops up saying Thank you for your support, click "Start Claiming my eBook" to receive the NFT eBook. At the same time, you will also receive an email to claim the book.

Step 5: Connect Liker Land Account

Click "Sign Up", "Or log in with another method" to register or log in to your Liker Land account.

Step 6: Confirm Wallet Address

A wallet address will appear on the page where this book will be added to the following account, confirm it is correct and then click "Confirm". You can also check "Bookshelf" at any time to see if the wallet address is correct.

Step 7: Leave a Message for the Author

Enter the message you want to leave for the author, and after completion, click "Confirm".

Step 8: Successfully Claim the eBook

A page appears saying you have successfully claimed the eBook, you can also click "View Collection" to check the NFT eBooks you have purchased.

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