How to provide liquidity on Emeris

Archived on 2022/06/14.

The Emeris DEX withdrew from the Gravity DEX protocol of the Cosmos Hub in April 2022 and re-upgrade and reorganized it into Crescent DEX. Users who have provided liquidity in the Emeris ATOM/LIKE liquidity pool please get back your tokens as soon as possible before April 26.On Emeris, users can participate in LIKE liquidity pools for liquidity providing to earn swap fees.

Please note providing liquidity may result in impermanent loss, assess the risks before you dive into the ecosystem.

Liquidity providing requires registration of Keplr wallet

and depositing LikeCoin to Keplr.

Providing liquidity to the liquidity pool

Step 1: Connect Emeris

Go to the Emeris website https://app.osmosis.zone/, click the top right hand corner "Connect wallet".

On Connect your wallet, click "Connect Keplr".

Step 2: Select Pool

Login and select "Pools".

Then select ATOM-LIKE liquidity pool.

Step 3: Add liquidity

On the ATOM-LIKE pool, click "Add liquidity" on the right hand side of the screen.

The ratio of ATOM-LIKE pool is 50%/50%, fill the number of ATOM and the number of LIKE will be filled in automatically and vice versa. You can check on the Receive LP asset which is your proportion in the liquidity pool and Fees (included), If everything is OK, click "Continue".

Step 4: Bring LIKE into the Cosmos Hub

The operation of Emeris is on Cosmos Hub, therefore you have to transfer your LIKE to Cosmos Hub. On Pools are on the Cosmos Hub, click "Continue".

The following shows the LIKE is transferred from LikeCoin chain to Cosmos Hub and the Transaction fee, Click "Confirm and continue".

On Keplr pop-up screen, click "Approve" to continue.

The Transferring screen appears.

Transfer completed and showing the Transferred screen, you can click on "View on explorer" to check on the details, then click "Continue".

Step 5: Confirm adding liquidity

On Review your pool liquidity provision, showing the ATOM and LIKE that you add to the liquidity, receive (estimated) LP asset and the Transaction fee. If everything is OK, click "Confirm and continue".

On Keplr pop-up screen, click "Approve" to continue.

The Adding liquidity screen appears.

Liquidity is added successfully, you can click "View on explorer" and go to Mintscan to check the transaction.

Click "Done" and back to the ATOM-LIKE liquidity pool, on Equity will show the liquidity that you provided. Click "Add" can add more, or "Withdraw" to withdraw liquidity.

Emeris is on Beta and there are no liquidity mining rewards at the moment.

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