Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics

(Difference from 2020.06.22)

Last week

  • Continue development of LikeCoin chain ISCN module

    • finished importing and exporting genesis

This week

Michael (Developer)

Last week

  • Back up old ES data to Big Query

  • Deploy cronjob for ES scheduled maintenance

  • Deploy cronjob to record monthly distribution on partner platform for analysis

This week

  • Slash command to trigger bonus

William (Full Stack Developer)

Last week

  • Finalized bookmark and follow API, liker.land pending migration

  • Implement anti-spam api and firestore trigger for app referral bonus

  • Implement device uuid support on api called by liker land app for anti spam analytics

  • Fix super like api interface and reported by David and matters

This week

  • Work on phone sms verification for app referral bonus

  • Help to implement logic of phone sms verification on app

  • Monitor spam accounts situations on app referral bonus

  • Research on buying civic liker with LIKE

  • Continue to work on api typescript migration

David Ng (Frontend Developer)

Last Week

  • Liker Land app

    • UX improvement for referral feature

    • Added referral CTA

    • Releasing v0.18.2

  • LikeCoin button

    • Migrated Super Like UI

  • Tested Liquid Quick Exchange widget integration

This Week

  • Liker Land app

    • Update for intermediate UI for Super Like

    • Split settings screen

Edmond (Operations & Marketing)


  • New app download 783 (+377%), unfortunately most of the new registrations are from app-bonus wash. The figure was back to previous level last Friday after we deployed a bonus defer mechanism and keep banning the abusing-users.

Last week

  • Built an open LikeCoin statistics portal by Google statistics.

  • Managed the system abuse action attracted by the app referral program. A few measurements is now effective:

    • banned Liker ID also banned its access and transfer function in Liker Land

    • deploy a stricter check before releasing the bonus

  • Finished a new Civic Liker Ad creative, but Facebook has changed the ad policy therefore the ad cannot be launched. Waiting for our Media partner to finish KYC.

  • The Buy Civic Liker by LikeCoin campaign is on-hold due to technical bottleneck

  • Social Media (executed by community helper Daisy)

    • Facebook Page Reach 880 and engagement rate was 5%, better than previous week.

    • People are concerned about the Super Like, got the best engagement rate of 8%.

    • Discussed with Edmond about 2020 2nd half job arrangements.

This week

  • App referral bonus campaign was on hold last week due to the loose defending mechanism against hacker. We will relaunch the campaign this week after the fix is done.

  • Follow up the Civic Liker ad campaign with Partners

  • Content marketing around 7-1

  • Promotion for Liquid's upgrade, update docs

Phoebe (Community & Business Development)

Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Last week

  • Completed the referral promotion artwork

  • Brainstormed several ideas for app UI

This week

  • Will continue on the UX/UI design for Super Like and reading list on the Liker Land app

ckxpress (Product Designer)


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