Register Liker ID by general method (with Authcore)

Login by social media accounts, Matters, or email/password
Using Liker Land mobile app can register Liker ID by general method (with Authcore). However this login method will slowly fade out. Users are advised to export your seed words from Authcore and import them into Keplr in order to manage your LikeCoin.

Register a Liker ID by general method (with Authcore) using the Liker Land app

Registering a Liker ID is easy, please download Liker Land app and follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Start Registering

Open your Liker Land app, Click the "Sign Up" Button

Step 2: Choose your Sign Up method

Liker Land app provides 6 registering options such as email+password and social logins: Google login, Facebook login, Twitter login, Apple login and Matters login. Suggest to register with your social media accounts, which is safer and easier. Click on the social media icon to continue.

Step 3: Login your social media account and authorize the registration

Fill in your social media account details and login. Take Twitter as an example, fill in the Twitter handle and password then click "Authorize app".

Step 4: Create your Liker ID

A green page appears and you can choose your favorite Liker ID. The system will suggest a Liker ID for you but if you are not happy with it, you can change it here. Fill in your Liker ID and click "Confirm" to finish the registration process.
You cannot change the Liker ID nor the login method once it has been created. If you want another Liker ID, just create a new account. Please note that an email address can only register one Liker ID.
You cannot use the same email address to register a Liker ID with Authcore and Keplr.
Liker Land app uses Authcore as a sign-in solution. Check out: What is Authcore?
All LikeCoin and Civic Liker referral programs ended on March 8, 2021.

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