Modify NFT eBook

Modify NFT eBook description or book files

If there are any errors in the ISCN content, epub, or pdf file content of NFT eBooks, they can be modified in the following ways:

Step 1: Go to "My Works" at and find the ISCN of the corresponding book.

Step 2: After locating the ISCN, click on "Edit ISCN".

Step 3: The "Edit ISCN Info" appears. If you need to modify the ISCN Title and Description, click "Update ISCN" after the information has been modified. If you need to replace the epub or pdf file, click on "Content Fingerprints", and "Re-upload files to update links" will appear for re-uploading the updated epub or pdf file.

Step 4: Taking the picture below as an example, this ISCN has changed from providing only a horizontal version epub to providing both horizontal and vertical version epubs. Therefore, after re-uploading both vertical and horizontal version epub files, click the "Trash" button to delete the duplicate cover file and then click "Start Upload". The Keplr wallet will pop up a window several times. Click "Approve".

Step 5: After completing the upload, click "Same As URLs", then click "Confirm" to let the system recognize the epub file hash URL. Since there are two epub files for this change, 2 URLs will appear. Then click "Update ISCN" and confirm in Keplr.

Step 6: After the ISCN is updated, the version number is displayed as /2, representing the second version of the ISCN. At the same time, readers who have purchased the NFT eBook can re-download the new version.

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