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Publish Writing NFT with an article URL by Liker Land app

Login to NFT Portal

Enter the NFT Portal on the desktop computer browser and choose Liker ID to login and link to the website.

A QR Code will appear after clicking "Liker ID".

On the Liker Land app, click the QR Code icon to bring up the camera, and scan the QR Code.

An ISCN window will pop-up, click "Approve".

If there is a connection problem, go to "Settings" "Wallet Connect" and click X to close the existing connection and try again.

After successful login, your wallet address will be displayed in the top right corner of the NFT Portal.

Step 1/4: Register ISCN

If the article is not registered with an ISCN, please directly enter the article URL into the blank space and click "Register ISCN".

When Liker Land app pops up a signature request window, click "Approve". In the following steps, when you see the Liker Land app window pop up, just click "Approve".

Step 2/4: Preview NFT

Preview your Writing NFT. You can change the NFT Cover, Title and Description by clicking "✏️".

Change the NFT cover

Click "✏️" on the picture and then click "🎲" to generate a unique AI cover image. Click "📂" to upload or modify an existing picture. If you don't need to change it / the article has no picture, the default OG picture of the article will be displayed / no picture will be displayed.

More about AI Cover Image : AI-Generated Article Cover Images

Edit Title

Click "✏️" at the title and edit it directly.

Edit Description

Click "✏️" at the description to change the description of Writing NFT.

Click "Next" to continue.

Step 3/4: Add Creator message and Reserve Writing NFT

Creator message is a special paragraph of each article by the author. Unlike the Transfer message, all the Writing NFTs under the same collection shares the same creator message, and is stored on the NFT class data on chain.

Click "Add message to your collectors” to input the message.

A window pops up, enters the content and clicks "Confirm". Note that the message cannot exceed 256 characters.

Check whether the content is correct or not. If they need to be modified, you can press "Edit" to change it.

In addition, if you want to reserve some Writing NFT for yourself or change the initial price, click "More settings".

In the "Number of NFTs to premint" field, you can enter the quantity of NFTs to be pre-minted, ranging from 0 to 255.

In the "Numbers of NFTs reserved for giveaways" field, you can reserve a quantity of NFTs (ranging from 0 to 255) for giveaways.

Clicking "Reserve All" will reserve all the pre-minted NFTs and those reserved for giveaways at once.

In the Sales Settings, you can set the initial price for the Writing NFTs, which can be All Free, $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64, $128, $256. "All Free" means allowing collecters to freely mint NFTs on their own, they just have to pay transaction fee . If not configured, the default initial price is set at $1.

In addition, you can also set a deadline of collection, after which collectors will not be able to collect the NFT.

Once done, click "Next".

Creators can also set their Writing NFT as "not for sale" by filling in the "Number of NFTs to premint" equal to the "Number of NFTs reserved for giveaways." This means that the creator reserves all NFTs for gifting purposes, achieving the effect of setting the NFT as "not for sale," as the issued NFTs are all reserved by the creator and will not circulate in the market. Writing NFTs reserved by the author can be given away for free or sold on the NFT Marketplace.

The difference between "Reserved NFT" and "Free Mint" lies in the fact that all minted NFTs are retained and distributed by the authors themselves in the former, whereas in the latter, collectors mint them on their own and the system automatically sends them out.

Step 4/4: Sign

Liker Land app windows will pop up, please click "Approve" to sign and register ISCN ID, Arweave ID, Class ID and mint NFT.

Seeing Completed! and the 3D cover image means that the NFT has been minted. If the LikeCoin button has not been installed on the website, you can directly paste the code of Embed NFT widget into your site, and the NFT Widget can be displayed on any web page.

Click "View Your NFT" to view your Writing NFT.

Please note if the URL is directly registered with ISCN in this way when publishing a Writing NFT, the system will automatically grab the article title and content as metadata.

If you want your work to have detailed metadata, please register an ISCN and publish Writing NFT with the ISCN ID.

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