Super Like - Tweeting to the Space

What is Super Like?


When users click the 6th like (Super Like) on the LikeCoin button to an article, it will be posted to the decentralized social media Not only does this new function boost visibility of quality content, but also helps to keep the content on blockchain indefinitely.
The Liker Land app displays the World Feed for
The gas fee and decentralized storage fee for uploading to will be subsidized by Liker Land.
*The previous 4 LikeCoin rewards were cancelled.

Working Together to Build Web3 Content Universe is a decentralized social media in the LikeCoin ecosystem. Every tweet is a record on LikeCoin chain. No registration is needed for the sake of privacy. You can use it simply with your Keplr, Cosmostation Browser Extension or Liker Land app with Wallet Connect.
Creators need content curation tools and distribution channels. One of the conventional methods for promoting quality content is to share its hyperlink on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Liker Land brings in a brand new option: Readers can click and share the content to from any website which supports the LikeCoin button.

Mobile Version of

Currently, users need to use the desktop Keplr, Cosmostation Browser Extension or Liker Land app with Wallet Connec to access on desktop, as it cannot be accessed on a mobile device directly. As the mobile wallet of LikeCoin, Liker Land app may make tweeting on mobile possible once it is incorporated to There are however many technical obstacles ahead, and developers in the community are discussing on Discord. You are most welcome to join us.


  • Clicking the LikeCoin button for the 5th time, the LikeCoin button icon will turn into a star totem. When clicking on the 6th time, the article is being "Super Liked".
  • The "Super Liked" article will be on Liker Land app.
  • A tick will then appear on the star totem representing one chance of Super Like being utilized. Super Like will be reset at 12:00 noon and midnight. The outer green circle of the LikeCoin button is a progress bar to indicate the time of the reset.
  • The RSS icon on the lower right hand corner turned on and the article is being shared to Liker Land and
  • Super Like cannot be accumulated, if it is not being used before the time to reset, it will be obsolete. You can only Super Like twice a day.
  • You can Super Like a single article for more than one time.


How to participate?

Only Civic Liker can enjoy Super Like twice a day.