Super Like - be a Content Jockey
What is Super Like? What is a Content Jockey?


Clicking on the LikeCoin button for the 6th time, share your favourite, worth exploring contents to Liker Land .

Browsing, is for reading

The time for daily reading is limited and you are not able to digest the ocean of knowledge. Moreover, speed reading won't make you smarter. Liker Land helps readers to precisely follow the content that they love, spending their valuable time on deep reading.

Sharing, is to inspire

Every Super Like shares the same content to Liker Land, and attracts friends with similar tastes. The quota of the Super Like is limited each day, only your favourite contents can be shared to others.

Like, is to reward

Super Like redefines the definition of "Share", Share = Rewards. Not only creators earn rewards, content jockeys who share the piece of content can earn rewards too.


  • Clicking the LikeCoin button for the 5th time, the LikeCoin button icon will turn into a star totem. When clicking on the 6th time, the article is being "Super Liked".
  • The "Super Liked" article will be on Liker Land. Your followers can see it on "My Content Jockey" and everyone can see it on "The world has Super Liked".
  • A tick will then appear on the star totem representing one chance of Super Like is being utilized. Super Like will be reset at 12:00 noon and midnight. The outer green circle of the LikeCoin button is a progress bar to indicate the time of the reset occurs.
  • The RSS icon on the lower right hand corner turned on and the article is being shared to Liker Land.
  • Super Like cannot be accumulated, if it is not being used before the time to reset, it will be obsolete. You can only Super Like twice a day.
  • You can Super Like a single article for more than one time.
  • Content creators click on the LikeCoin button of their own article can Super Like and put their article to the "Works" section in Portfolio Page and "The world has Super Liked".
Civic Liker Super Like his/her own work will not earn any LikeCoin from creators fund

How to participate?

Only Civic Liker can enjoy Super Like twice a day.

Super Likes History

Wanna review all the Super Liked articles? Go to your Portfolio Page[Your Liker ID] and click "Super Likes" to check them out, if your Liker ID is ckxpress, the link is going to be Users can also visit friends and celebrities' Portfolio Page and follow them, in order to understand their reading taste.
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