Manage User Setting

Add or modify user settings and join the Affiliation Program

Visit the LikeCoin NFT Book Press website, click "Manage User Setting", enter the website, and click the "Connect Wallet" link in the upper right corner to connect with Keplr.

If you haven’t set up your Stripe account, you’ll see a “No” and receive Liker ID email authentication alerts. We recommend completing the settings step by step to receive book sale payments, email notifications, and participate in the Affiliation Program. Tutorials:

Manage Stripe AccountRegister a Liker ID with Keplr

Settings completed.

Affiliation Program

After completing the setup, append ?from=@[Liker ID] to any NFT eBook URL. This allows you to earn commissions from book sales. For example:

  • If your Liker ID is ckxpress

  • The NFT e-book link is:

  • Your personalized link would be:

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