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Browsing and reading is good enough for me, why a Reading List?

Archived on 2022/08/17. Information is out of date.

Bookmark content from everywhere for reading it later, Liker Land brings you the convenience to read on the go. No matter if you are using a desktop computer, mobile, tablet or Liker Land app, you can bookmark any web page at any time, for reading them later.

Bookmark content by LikeCoin button

Click the bookmark icon on LikeCoin button to save a web page

The bookmark icon is highlighted after the content is saved

Bookmark content on Liker Land app

If you finished reading an article on "Following" or "Global", the system will add a green tick on it (circled in red), you can also click on the bookmark icon (red arrow) to save the article to Reading list for read it later.

Bookmark content on mobile and tablet to Liker Land

Step 1: When reading an article on browser or mobile app (e.g. Twitter), click the "Share" button

Step 2: Click on the Liker Land app icon

Step 3: The following screen appears which means the web page is saved to Liker Land

Bookmark content on computer to Liker Land

Liker Land Chrome / Brave / Firefox Extension for bookmarking any web page to your Liker Land Reading List for reading them later.

Step 1: Go to Chrome / Firefox web store and add the extension to your browser.

Chrome / Brave Version

Firefox Version

Step 2: When reading an article on a website, click on the icon to bookmark the article.

Check out the Readling List

Click the bookmark icon on Liker Land app or Liker Land web and check all the articles that you've saved.

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